Towards the end of October, Pastors Network International hosted pastors’ conferences in three towns in Eastern part of Kenya. Namely Tala, Machakos, and Kambu.

Hundreds of pastors gathered as we witnessed revival and refreshing of earlier formed John 17:23 pastoral support groups. This served as a good springboard to forming new John 17:23 groups.

The joy of ministering to pastors who otherwise are constantly ministering to congregants could not be hidden.This indeed was a time to pour into pastors’ life. The meetings were very awakening with the demonstrations of God’s power.

We had great praise reports including how God is using the John 17:23 pastoral support groups to break denominational barriers and foster authentic and genuine relationships among pastors.

We are monitoring close to forty (40) new John 17:23 groups that are in the pilot phase. These groups comprise of both the “she ministers” and brother pastors. This was a real bonding time to the glory of God.

We had live interviews in two of the towns, which helped a great deal for the pastors to ask questions or comment—enhancing understanding of the John 17:23 pastoral groups model. The four elements of John 17:23 pastoral groups were adequately elaborated during these interviews.

We are forever grateful for the hand of God at work in and through us. As a result we are listening to the Holy Spirit to respond to other pastors in towns that have “Macedonians” call to establish John 17:23 pastoral support groups. We have seen our database for pastors grow exponentially to around five hundred!

We give all the praise, honour, and glory to God and sincerely thank Barnabas Ministries for obeying God’s vision to encourage, inspire, and unite pastors to work together.

Yours faithfully,

George Mulinge

Team Leader,  East Africa